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4 Money-Making Ideas at Home

23 Feb 2022

4 Money-Making Ideas at Home | VI

In the last 2 years or so, it is evident that the pandemic has changed the nature of our typical 9-5 job.

We didn't see our colleagues every day. We didn't go to the office every day, Monday to Friday. And we didn't need to commute every morning.

Now that a lot of companies are calling their staff back to the office, however, many are reluctant to do so.

People are starting to discover that they can earn money without going to the office. They've started looking for money-making ideas at home instead.

Some have decided to start a business online, others have found something more creative and fulfilled their passion. Then, there are also people who'd started investing.

Why invest now

Money Money Home | VI

We know what you're thinking. "Are you crazy?! Investing in this economic downturn is suicide!"

Well... that's actually what the media wants you to believe.

Contrary to the bleak economic outlook painted by the business news, now is actually one of the most ideal times to invest in stocks – when the stock market is coloured red.

So, if you're looking for money-making ideas at home, especially now, you can definitely consider adding investing to your list.

There are even investors, specifically value investors, who wait for these periods of a downturn to invest in great stocks. Not only that. If you look at people like Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, and Warren Buffett, they've earned a lot throughout the recession.

So what are you doing not investing in these people and their companies – stocks you can buy at the stock market and earn along with them?

Want money-making ideas at home? Fasten your seatbelts and we’ll show you four investment-related ones.

1. Stocks

If you are new to the whole concept of stock investing, here's the 101.

Stocks/shares at the stock market are portions of a business you can buy to invest in and grow your money.

You know how if your friend or relative has a business idea, and they'd invite you to put money in as an investor, so when the business profits, you will also a get a portion of the profit?

Stock investing is exactly the same, except on a bigger scale. They would have millions of shares floating in the market, up for grabs. So if you think they have a good business and you'd like to get in on it, all you need to do is buy some of these shares and be their shareholder.

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Some examples of popular stocks you can buy at the stock market are Apple, Meta/Facebook, and Microsoft.

2. ETFs

An alternative to stock investing, Exchange Traded Funds or ETFs are often referred to as a "basket of stocks" and are usually a popular choice for those searching for money-making ideas at home.

We've mentioned earlier that stocks are portions of a business you can buy to invest in and grow your money. ETFs are an extension of that, in that you will be able to invest in many stocks at one time just by investing in the fund.

All ETFs usually have themes around them or are industry-specific. For example, there are Emerging Markets ETFs, Healthcare ETFs, and Aerospace ETFs.

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The upside to investing in an ETF versus a stock on its own is that you'll be investing in many stocks at one time. Should any of the stocks suffer losses, it would be minimised as you have other stocks in the fund that would be making money, hence, cushioning the blow.

On the other hand, because you are investing in so many stocks at once, you won't exactly have exponential gains if any of the stocks does really well, as it would be making up for the losses of some of the stocks in the fund.

Overall, ETF investments give relatively stable returns.

3. REITs

Money Making Ideas at Home | Investing in REITs | VI

People are always going on about what great investment properties can be.

The problem is, to invest in properties you usually would need a larger capital base. It is not for everyone, and certainly not for people who only have a smaller investment on their hands.

Enter REITs or Real Estate Investment Trust. REITs are trusts that own and manage office buildings, shopping malls, and hospitals, among others. This depends on the industry they're in. So by investing in a REIT, you're investing in the properties they own and manage.

Put simply, REITs are properties you can trade like stocks and do not require a large capital. It's also a popular option among those searching for money-making ideas at home, especially in Singapore. 

They are considered to be dividend stocks and great sources of passive income. Once you invest in them, there's not much else you need to do, except to collect dividends each quarter (at least in Singapore).

4. Robo-advisors

Money Money Home | VI

Don't know what to invest in? Too many choices in the market? That's what robo-advisors are for.

Inspired by real portfolio managers in the market, robo-advisors first emerged at the height of the Lehman Brothers crisis in 2008 to help more people create good investment portfolios at a lower price.

A robo-advisor is generally an algorithm that helps you to invest your money in various investment products based on your risk appetite and preferences, and it has been known to help many people, who don't know the first thing about investing, grow their money.

Unlike trading your stocks through a brokerage firm, however, robo-advisory does pose a certain level of risk, being fully automated and all. For example, you have no control over which exact product they invest your money in, and in the event of a stock crash, you will not be able to intervene, which is its major drawback. 

Apart from investing, there are, of course, many other money-making ideas at home, and you don't have to necessarily go down this path.

That said, with the increased prices of everything and minimal effort it requires compared to running an actual business from home, investing would make a lot of sense as it can work in the background while your attention is on other important things.

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