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Meet Pauline Teo, VI College’s Executive Director

14 Sep 2021

Pauline Teo, Executive Director, VI College | VI

Pauline takes on a lot of roles – a mother, a friend, a sister, a wife, a mentor, an investor, and an executive director. But let us introduce to you Pauline Teo as an investor and an executive director at VI College.

A lot of investing trainers you encounter might have told you their story which plot is as follows: “I lost a significant amount of money in the past and therefore I decided to invest.” Pauline’s story goes something along these lines as well, but she has proven that women can be investors, too – and good ones at that.

So how did Pauline come to join VI College?

Before joining VI

Pauline did not have any financial background prior to starting investing in 2010. She graduated from the Nanyang Technological University with a degree in Business Studies (Hospitality and Tourism Management). Then she proceeded to work in the public service for about six years before the department she’s in was privatised.

Since then, Pauline was already someone who spends her energy thinking about her finances. The retrenchment package she received from the privatisation was invested in her unit trust (something she had already invested in since 2000).

But this investment proved to be a failure when the Subprime Mortgage Crisis hit. Pauline’s portfolio plunged, and she lost as much as forty per cent.

It was her wake-up call. She didn’t want to continue losing money as she knew she’ll need to finance her family, especially her children’s education. Hence, she looked around to find a mentor to teach her how to properly handle finances.

That was when she met VI’s founders, Ken Chee and Clive Tan.

Journey with VI

Pauline first attended the Millionaire Investment Programme (MIP), VI’s flagship programme now called Value Investing Bootcamp (VIB), in 2010. That was when she was introduced to the value investing strategy, which she now proudly embraces and teaches to willing investors.

“Transformation” was always how she would describe her journey with VI College. Of course, she had her hesitations at first, but upon seeing results from the VI Community, she became a full-fledged woman value investor.

In less than ten years, Pauline was able to make back the losses she incurred in her unit trust and even managed to grow it to a seven-digit portfolio.

Impacting more lives

Her decade-long journey with VI has led Pauline to realise how investing can be done by everyone who has the commitment. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve failed before or what educational background you have. What matters, Pauline believes, is the ability to take action.

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Now, Pauline is one of VI College’s master trainers who speak to large groups of willing investors about investment. She holds at least four free online masterclasses per week to help more people in the Asia Pacific learn about value investing.

Suffice it to say that Pauline has made it her life mission to empower the man in the street, in particular, parents and women, to be in charge of their financial future. And she hopes you can join one of her free masterclasses to see for yourself how investing can be done smarter, faster, and easier.

Join Pauline’s masterclass


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