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Stock Analysis App: Smarter, Faster, Easier Investing

23 Sep 2021

Smarter, faster, easier stock analysis with this app | VI App | VI
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So you want to invest in stocks but feel discouraged because it would require you hours to pore over the market and look for opportunities?

Don’t worry, we get you. We know how the notion of stock investing as a time-consuming activity (despite the gains) can scare both beginner and experienced investors.

Yet, we cannot just settle for the mediocre because this is money we’re talking about. You know better than just investing in a stock with one eye closed. You know you ought to do due diligence and check the company’s fundamentals if you wish to get worthwhile returns.

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Having witnessed the struggles of investors in doing meticulous stock analysis for their investments, VI has invested in creating its own stock analysis app to help both beginner and experienced investors in the VI Community. We call this the VI App.

Before you read further, allow us to clear any confusion. The VI App is a stock analysis tool. It helps users analyse stocks in just a few clicks.

It is not a brokerage platform; thus, you cannot buy or sell shares in the VI App (although this is a development that app users will soon enjoy as well).

What the VI App can do is help reduce your time analysing stocks from several hours to just a few minutes.

How does the VI App help you make smarter, faster, and easier stock analysis? Here are 5 features of this stock analysis tool.

1. Search Function

VI App | Search Function | stock analysis app

The VI App might not allow you to do trades, but it allows you to access stocks from 25 different exchanges across four continents. Whether you wish to analyse a stock listed in China, Hong Kong, the US, Singapore, Malaysia, London, or Australia, you can just click the ‘Search’ button and type the stock ticker/name and find what you’re looking for.

Not only can you see the stock’s latest financial statements, share price, and valuation, but you can also find the company’s business model and management information. In just a few clicks, you get to check the 3Rs.

Interested to know about the 3R method in value investing? Join our free online masterclass here.

2. VI Analysis

VI App | Risk Rating | stock analysis app

What takes up much of a meticulous investor’s time is analysing a stock’s growth potential: What is the risk of investing in a specific stock? Do the numbers signify a strong economic moat? Is it financially healthy? Will investing in the stock give you a good margin of safety? The VI App’s VI Analysis feature answers these questions for you.

It has the VI Risk Rating which helps you check whether the business underlying the stock faces potential risks. You can see whether a stock is low-risk or high-risk in but a few seconds.

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VI App | Star Chart | stock analysis app

Another feature under VI Analysis is the VI Star Chart, a one-stop-shop for you to determine the stock’s overall performance.

The chart will show you the stock’s score (from 1 to 10) in five different areas: profitability, financial health, assets, growth, and dividends. This way, you can easily identify whether the stock’s performance suits your criteria.

Did we also mention that the VI Star Chart has animal classifications, such as Gorilla, Cheetah, Rhino, Elephant, Sloth, and Cow? Companies or stocks are categorised into these types to represent a company’s growth.

For example, stocks labelled as Gorilla are those that have stable and high revenue and/or earnings growth. Stocks under the Cheetah classification are those that are deemed fast-growing and with high revenue and/or earnings growth.

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We have also recently launched the VI Score, a scoring system to help you assess the quality of a company. This scoring system evaluates various factors of the business. The higher the score, the better! And oh, you can screen stocks with VI Score, so you know which companies get the highest evaluation.

VI App | VI Line and VI Score | stock analysis app

If you want to really dig deeper into a stock, you’ll need the VI Line. Value investors would find this feature valuable as it automatically does the calculations. The VI Line gives you a quick overview of the stock’s valuation. It even lets you know what valuation method is best to use for a specific stock. And yes, it also lets you know your margin of safety.

VI Analysis does all the important calculations and analysis for you. You just need to know where to find them.

3. VI Screener

VI App | VI Screener | stock analysis app

We all have different objectives in investing. Some might want to invest in growth companies. Some prefer dividend stocks. Some opt for undervalued stocks. But with thousands of stocks in the market, how do you pick those that fit your criteria?

The VI Screener solves this dilemma. You can create a screener by setting specific conditions, customising the various available criteria, and choosing from the exchanges. Once these are set, you can have a curated list of stocks that you can review and invest in.

4. VI Watchlist

VI App | VI Watchlist | stock analysis app

The stocks you want to invest in might not be a good buy for now, but as the stock market is characterised by volatility, changes can happen quite fast. With the VI Watchlist, you can organise a list of stocks you’re interested in and get notified whenever a particular stock gets a new rating, animal classification, or margin of safety.

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5. Social Bubble

VI takes pride in its strong and growing community of investors. And we all share the VI App’s Social Bubble space to connect with everyone. Here we share investment ideas, research analysis, market updates, and even investment opinions. You can post your questions or ideas and interact with other like-minded investors in the Social Bubble.

All these features (and the future features we’re implementing) are designed with one goal in mind – to help investors do stock analysis in a smarter, faster, and easier way.

Interested to check out the VI App? Register for a free 7-day trial and see for yourself.