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Are free investment courses worth your time?

08 Nov 2021

Free Investment Courses | VI

Anything free is good. Free samples, free piano lessons, free hugs, and free investment courses – you take something, but you don’t commit yourself to anything.

This is certainly the reason why marketing strategies today often include offering a freebie, hoping that once you’ve experienced using the product or service, you’ll become their customer. And there’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, we think it’s good for you to explore free opportunities, such as free investment courses, that will positively impact your future.

But you might be asking, are these free courses worth your time? Yes, you don’t need to pay a single cent, but you’ll invest your time and effort; hence, it better be up to your expectations.

Free investment courses, anyone?

Let’s establish some facts.

First, free investment courses are usually introductory. They will teach you the basic knowledge you need for your investing journey. Oftentimes, the information shared is generic rather than specific. This is because the course aims to build you a foundation to kickstart your investment.

Second, free investment courses are short. They won’t last for an entire day. Since they are an introduction to what you’re about to venture into, these courses are usually a couple of hours long but not more than four hours. The information you need to know is squeezed into this duration, and after that, it’s up to you to decide whether or not to continue learning.

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Third, free investment courses are free of charge. They won’t ask you to pay for anything as it is also a part of their effort to reach more people and have more audiences be aware of their product or service. But let’s not hide the fact that free investment courses are offered to entice you to go to the next step. They would introduce the company, what they offer, and what you can get from them hoping that that free investment course is not your last touchpoint with them.

Fourth, you can actually learn a lot from free investment courses. It doesn’t mean that the quality of learning is low because you’re getting it for free. It’s just like a courtship process. You put your best foot forward in the early months of courting because you want to impress someone. Likewise, free investment courses want to impress you; thus, their content is usually of a high standard.

Assessing free investment courses

But not all free investment courses are created equal. Some are developed for the sake of getting customers to purchase advanced course offerings. Some overpromise but deliver poorly.

So while anything free is good, it’s also crucial to be conscious about which free investment courses you wish to take. Do some evaluations to help you decide because your time is essential, and you cannot just waste it on a free course that teaches you nothing.

One thing you can look at is the gist of what the course will cover. It’s usually listed on the page where the course is advertised. Check if the content is suitable for you. Do you feel the need to understand each of the items?

Second, research on who the trainer or speaker for the free investment course is. Is he or she credible to talk about investing? Does he or she have any first-hand experience in investments? Is he or she applauded and recognised in the industry? If your answer is no to these questions, run away.

Third, get on a quick search about the organisation or company offering you the free investment course. Is it legally licensed to teach people about investing? Is it an industry leader? Does it have good and legitimate reviews from those who previously purchased its products or services?

The list of things to check might be tedious, but you would want to spend some time doing your assessment than regretting wasting your time for a free course that would not improve your chances of growing your nest egg.

VI College’s free investment courses

Feel free to explore VI College’s complimentary investment course offerings. We won’t tell you to choose these courses, but we hope you’ll take a look and see for yourself. Secure your seat to our free stock investing masterclass. Or join us and learn more about investing in the metaverse.

We wish you the best in your investment journey!